This blog doesn’t  generally do rules. However, if we have one, it is this: when you are here, do not insult your hosts or other commenters. We actively encourage discussion and debate and understand that from time to time, this will become heated. You can rip an argument to shreds without resorting to personal insult. We would prefer that this place is somewhere people can drop in and engage without being subjected to personal attacks.

The following, therefore apply with immediate effect:

  • Be polite; both to us, your hosts, and other commenters.
  • No libellous comment
  • No content that is in breach of copyright laws
  • No pornography

Privacy and cookies

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) indicates that new cookie compliance rules come into force today (26th May, 2012).  It indicates that “Implied consent is a valid form of consent and therefore Orphans of Liberty would like readers/users to understand that using this site might result in cookies being used.


Your thoughts?

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